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9th Choice Project #2: Bement, Masi, Robinson, Stein, Thompson

Lesson #1: Databases, Keywords and Research Guide Introduction

Setting up NoodleTools

Creating and sharing a project

Exporting Citations from Database Articles

Exporting or printing Works Cited

Searching the Catalog

In-text Citations

Question Formulation Technique

Citation Basics

Evaluating Sources

When searching for information online, it's important to think critically about the sources you use. Unfortunately, not everything you find online is accurate, or reliable.


We've linked to a few different tools and guides below that you can use to critically examine and evaluate information online. Each tool has a slightly different angle and tips/tricks, but the end-goal is the same. You should pick and choose based on your preferences, assignment and type of information you're evaluating.

Website Evaluation: CRAAP Test

Use the criteria below to evaluate the appropriateness of a website for academic research.

Website Evaluation: Examples

Notecards in NoodleTools

Parts of a NoodleTools Notecard

NoodleTools notecards afford you space to think as you gather facts, opinions, and evidence. Besides giving your notecard a short, descriptive title and identifying the source it comes from, you will work with three primary fields:

  • Direct quotation (“A”): Store source material for future reference. Highlight and annotate to ensure close reading.
  • Paraphrase or summary (“B”): Explain the source material in your own words. Check your understanding.
  • My ideas (“C”): Reflect and engage. Articulate ideas, assumptions and questions. What do I wonder? How does it fit with what I know? How should I follow up?

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