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9th Choice Project #2: Bement, Masi, Robinson, Stein, Thompson

Accessing articles and videos

You may need a login and password to access the articles and videos posted here. Click on the passwords button at the top of the page for a list of database passwords.


Looking for more information? Use the databases below to search for resources on your topic.

Starter Topics

Kievan Rus
Catherine the Great


See tips here for evaluating websites for school work. Do not use websites that do not pass the evaluation criteria! Be very careful when you cite websites in NoodleTools. You will most likely need to create the citation manually by completing the NoodleTools form, since most websites do not have pre-formatted citations for you to copy or export to NoodleTools. In NoodleTools, select Website for your new source, and most of the time you will select webpage from the list (i.e., most of the time you are simply citing a particular page on a website). There is a video on How to cite a website on the library's Cite Your Sources page.

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