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F&C sci - Mr. Orren - Dietary Laws/Customs: Dietary Laws


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Religious Dietary Laws Project - Assignment

Over the course of this semester, we will encounter at least 6 religions in our study of international cuisines -- Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. We’ve already learned a bit about several of these religions.

For this project, you will:
● Choose one religion and research how its dietary laws affect the eating habits of people who practice that faith. Choose between Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. If there is a different religion you’re interested in researching, you must ask Mr. Orren for permission before you select it.

● Summarize your findings using the SMORE app ( Using this web app, you will create an online poster that will inform the reader about the dietary laws of your chosen religion.

Assume that the person reading your poster knows nothing about the dietary laws of your chosen religion, and use a combination of text and images on your poster to give the reader a thorough understanding of your topic.


Poster Requirements

Your poster must include:
● A title

● Your name and block in the “subtitle” field

● An overview paragraph of your religion’s dietary laws.
Some questions to consider for your overview are:
   ○ Which foods are permitted or prohibited by law and why?

   ○ Are there any special rituals or procedures used to prepare food?

   ○ Are there any special holidays, ceremonies or practices that involve the use of symbolic food?

   ○ Do all people of this faith observe these dietary laws? Why or why not?

● Relevant images (w/ citations) that help to educate the reader about the religion.

● A dinner menu that could be served to a group of people that observe these dietary laws. Imagine that you are hosting a dinner party. What would you serve to your guests?

● Bibliography

● Poster must be submitted to Mr. Orren via email (not shared via Facebook) by the due date.

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