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F&C sci - Mr. Orren - Dietary Laws/Customs: EasyBib


EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

EasyBib Tutorial Slideshow

EasyBib - How To Videos

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EasyBib is an online tool for creating bibliographies, taking notes and creating outlines.

  • All NPS students have access to an EasyBib School account, which has premium features and no ads.
  • To access the premium school account, you will need to login from your NPS Google Drive account using your school login.  
  • To access the EasyBib app within NPS Google Drive, select More at the top of your Google Drive page, then click on EasyBib:

GDrive EasyBib Access


To learn How to use EasyBib to Create a Bibliography, see this video:

To learn How to Take Notes Using EasyBib, see this video:

To learn How to Write an Outline Using EasyBib, see this video:

To learn How to Evaluate the Credibility of a Website Using EasyBib, see this video:

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