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English - Ms Stonehill - South Africa: Presentation Tools


Canva Logo

Canva is a design tool that helps you create for images Web or print, including blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, and more.

  • It's free online (while certain images and graphics require payment, there are hundreds of free options)
  • You can work collaboratively, sharing and editing your designs with a classmate or teacher.
  • There are dozens of pre-set templates, icons, and images to start you off, or you can create from scratch, and upload your own images to customize.
  • When you're finished you can publish the images online or download them to print or use in other projects.

Check out the video below to see more about Canva


Google Presentation

Google Presentation is the PowerPoint alternative offered by Google Docs.  It combines all of the collaborative features of Google Docs with the presentation features of PowerPoint.

  • All NPS students have access to a Google Docs account.
  • Login to Google Docs using the same login you use to access the school computers.
  • After logging in, click Create (on the left), then select Presentation.

Google Docs


ThingLink can be used to add multiple hyperlinks to any image you upload and host it online.  You can make your images come alive with music, videos or any other web content. 

  • It's free online. 
  • Take a look at their gallery to get a better idea of why this is such a popular presentation tool.

thinglink logo

Here's an example.  Hover over the photo to see the clickable links that have been added to the image.


Lucidress is a powerful online publishing app that can be used to create presentations, brochures (including trifold), flyers, posters, etc.  

  • You can choose between digital documents and those that you can print.
  • It's full of really helpful templates to build off of.
  • You can share your document with others to edit, just like Google Docs.
  • Best of all, Lucidpress is a free Google App that you can access using your NPS Google Drive account!  
    • Log into Google Drive, click create, click on "Connect more apps," then search for Lucidpress.  This will save you the need to create an account with an email and password.  Once you connect to Lucidpress through Google Drive, the app will open as a new tab in your browser.  
    • NOTE:  your new documents are stored in Lucidpress, not in Google Drive (kind of like EasyBib).  To find them later, just go back in through NPS Google Drive to create a new document, click cancel, then click on the Lucidpress logo at the top left of the screen to see all of your Lucidpress documents.

Lucidpress logo 

Here's a 60 second introductory video from Lucidpress:


VoiceThread is collaborative multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments using voice, text or video.

  • All NPS students have access to a VoiceThread account
  • Try the log-in insructions below.  

VoiceThread logo


Storify can be used to create your own online "story" based on information you find on social media

  • It's free online.  
  • Storify allows you to source information for your story from a wide variety of social media websites like twitter, facebook, flickr, instagram, youtube, etc.
  • In addition to collecting information for your story from tweets, posts, etc., you can overlay your own titles and narrative to weave disparte information into a cohesive story.

iPad App: Adobe Voice


Smore makes it easy to create online fliers and posters with slick templates and simple click and drag manipulation.  Consider using smore to jazz up that old paper poster project and provide a means for all students to shine--not just those who are good at drawing, cutting and pasting.


Here's a sample smore flyer:

Below is a short tutorial on how to use Feel free to search others on Don't forget to link back to your sources!


Glogster is an online interactive poster-making tool. 

  • It's free online (you don't need the paid account).
  • Watch the video below to learn how to use it (or search for many more on YouTube--it takes a little practice, but can create great-looking posters).
  • You can add text, images, videos, and website links.  Don't forget to link back to your sources for images!


Animoto can be used to create videos by combining images, video clips and music. 

  • It's free online to create 30-second videos. 
  • To create a longer video, you will need access to an educator account.  Ask your teacher if they have one, or come and see Ms. Dimmick in the library to gain access.

Animoto logo 

Here's a sample Animoto video I created on Rosa Parks:


Create animated videos and presentations using Powtoon. Powtoon is available for free in NPS GoogleDrive Apps.

- Login to your NPS GoogleDrive account

- Create > Connect more apps > search for Powtoon > click Connect

- Create, select PowToon


Prezi logo

Prezi is an online alternative to PowerPoint. "Make your presentations zoom!"

  • It's free online (you don't need the paid account).
  • Watch the video on the site to learn how to use it--it takes a little practice, but can create great-looking presentations.


Timetoast allows you to create dynamic timelines online.

  • It's free online (you don't need the paid account).
  • Beware:  because the timeline you create is interactive with dynamic images, you won't be able to print it out to turn it in.  Instead, you'll have to give your teacher a link to view your timeline online.  Be sure to clear this with him or her before you use this tool for your project.

Here's a sample timeline I made for Rosa Parks (to see it in larger format, use this link)

The bibliography for this project including citations for all of the images can be found here.

iPad App: Haiku Deck

From iTunes: "Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement. Featured on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” lists, Haiku Deck makes it fast and fun to create beautifully designed slideshows you’ll be proud to share."

  • Free app
  • 4 star rating based on 236 ratings can be used to create your own online newspaper in minutes. 

  • It's free online (there's a pro version for a fee, but the free version has plenty of features).  
  • allows you to source articles for your newspaper from a wide variety of social media websites like twitter, facebook, tumblr, google+, youtube, etc.
  • You can also use images and video found on these sources in your online newspaper.


PhotoPeach can be used to create slideshows by combining images, captions and music. It's a lot like Animoto, but without fancy templates and animations, and it allows captions for the pictures.

  • It's free online.  
  • There's no length limit.
  • Others can comment on your slideshow.
  • Here's a page with more "how to" information:  About PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach logo

Google Forms

Google Forms lets you create simple quizzes, surveys and polls,  and gives you results in a spreadsheet for easy analysis.

  • All NPS students have access to a Google Drive account.
  • Login to Google Drive using the same login you use to access the school computers.
  • After logging in, click Create (on the left), then select Form
  • Need help? Click here for advice from Google.

Forms icon

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