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Orientation 2018


  • Introductory video
  • Aspen and Schoology email update
  • Turnitin assignment in Schoology (optional)
  • Schoology - Scavenger hunt (Class of 2022)
  • Book selection


Scavenger Hunt Instructions


  • You can switch between different tabs on your Chromebook, so leave the Scavenger Hunt open in 1 tab, and open a new tab for the library website where you will find things you need to answer different questions (catalog, passwords).
  • If you accidentally close the scavenger hunt, you can just start it again. Note that the questions are in randomized order, so it may not look familiar when you open it a second time.
  • Be sure to read the hints before you ask for help!


  • Call #'s are on the bookshelves and on the spines of each book
  • Locations: Nonfiction (call #), Fiction (F), Reference (R call #)
  • Note: there are two sections with call #s: regular nonfiction (by the windows) and reference (call # starts with R; located in back corner of the library near the classrooms)


  • Click submit when you're done
  • Log out of Chromebook & return to cart (in the appropriate #'d slot)

Newton South High School Library

140 Brandeis Road
Newton, MA 02459
call: (617) 559-6561