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Health & Wellness

Teen Health and Wellness Rosen Digital Publishing
Teen Health News --ScienceDaily
TeenTalk - Center for Young Women's Health (Boston Children's Hospital)
Young Men’s Health  (Boston Children’s Hospital) 

Nutrition and Well-being, A to Z



Teens /   USDA ​(US Dept. of Agriculture)
Food Composition Database   USDA ​(US Dept. of Agriculture)

How much sleep do I need?   CDC - sleep recommendation chart

The ABCs of STOP: Three Short Mindful Breaks for Your Day
A new take on a well-known mindfulness practice that helps you foster compassion and kind awareness when you need to come down from stress.

Calming the teenage mind in the classroom.  Kelly Wallace, CNN

Mindfulness for Teens Discovering your inner strength

Mindfulness/Stress/Meditation apps:


HeadSpace  free trial

Insight Timer



Stop, Breathe & Think 

Take a Break!

Take A Chill

bubbles and bones xray

Selective Attention / Awareness Test    Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris











Try Again








The "Invisible Gorilla" Test Shows How Little We Notice.


Daniel Simons  Co-author of The Invisible Gorilla: How our intuitions deceive us

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