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ABC-CLIO World History  UN: newtonshs1  PW: newtonshs1 
Spheres of Influence 1776-1994:
    Scramble for Africa
    The Americas and the Caribbean
    East Asia and the Pacific
    South Asia and the Middle East

The Rise of Nationalsim, 1815-1914:
    Consolidation of Modern Nation-States
    Social Revolution
    A Cultural Revival

ABC-CLIO World History: The Modern Era  UN: newtonshs1  PW: newtonshs1
     Industrial Revolution   

     The Power of the Industrial Revolution, 1800-1914   Topic Center: Breakthroughs in Science, A Growing Market Economy, The Spread of Transportation, and Rise of Urbanization

World History in Context  PW: pawprints 
     The Industrial Revolution   reference articles, journal articles, images, etc.

Industrial Revolution Reference Library  4 vols.: Almanac, Biographies, Primary Sources, Index

Technology of the Industrial Revolution

Enc. of Environment and Society  The Industrial Revolution

Enc. of European Social History   The Industrial Revolutions

Enc. of Food and Culture  Agriculture Since the Industrial Revolution

Enc. of the New American Nation  Industrial Revolution

Enc. of Science  Industrial Revolution

Europe, 1789-1914, Enc. of the Age of Industry and Empire  Industrial Revolution, Second

History of World Trade, Since 1450   Industrial Revolution

UXL Enc. of U.S. History  Industrial Revolution

The Victorian Web  Articles, images, text related to the Victorian Era.

Victorians  BBC / History.  Includes section about Britain's Industrial Revolution, Victorian Technology and Innovation, and Daily Life



ABC-CLIO  UN: newtonshs1  PW: newtonshs1

  America's Pacific Empire (image)

  Imperialism  Topic Center / 13 articles

CountryReports  UN: nshs  PW: pawprints

Encyclopedia Britannica  PW: pawprints
  colonialism, Western
  American Imperialism

World History in Context  PW: pawprints


  Events That Formed the Modern World: Imperialism, 1870 - 1900  (vol 3 Chapter 12)

  1789-1914: Env. of the Age of Industry and Empire   Imperialism

  Enc. of American Foreign Policy  Imperialism

  Enc. of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era   Imperialism

  Enc. of Modern China  Imperialism

  History of World Trade, Since 1450   Imperialism

  New Enc. of Africa  Colonialism and Imperialism

Imperialism Modern History Sourcebooks, Fordham Univ.

Google Image search: Imperialism political cartoons (.edu sites)

Colonized Africa, 1914. The scramble for Africa began in the 1880s, when the European colonial powers raced to establish formal colonies in Africa. By the time World War I began in 1914, most of Africa was under European control.
                                  colonized Africa 1914
                                               Map by XNR Productions. The Gale Group.

ABC-CLIO World History    UN: newtonshs1  PW: newtonshs1
     topic center: World War I
  topic center: Interwar Years

Encyclopedia Britannica PW: pawprints 
     World War I

World History in Context     PW: pawprints
      World War I

Science in Context   PW: pawprints
     Science reference articles, images, inventions, science news, etc. related to WW I

Popular Culture Collection
     Modern Medicine and The Great War USA Today


Europe Since 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction
    World War I   Origins, Military Conflict, Society
and Politics, Consequences

Encyclopedia of World History, vol. 2
     World War I: Major Figures

World War I Reference Library : Almanac, Biographies, Primary Sources 


The Great War | American Experience  PBS

The Great War: The Challenges of Making Peace   PBS Learning Media 
     Interactive lesson with plan, goals, glossary. Creat an account for access (free).


ABC-CLIO World History    UN: newtonshs1  PW: newtonshs1
     topic center: World War II
  topic center: Interwar Years

Encyclopedia Britannica PW: pawprints 
     World War II

World History in Context     PW: pawprints
     World War II

Science in Context   PW: pawprints
     Science reference articles, images, inventions, science news, etc. related to WW II

Europe Since 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction
    World War II   Origins, Military Conflict, Society 
and Politics, Consequences

Encyclopedia of World History vol. 2
     World War II: Major Figures

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security
World War II

Political Theories for Students

Timeline of World War II  PBS

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