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Green Screen Recording

Green Screen Recording

This app lets you create Green Screen videos right from an iPad. It's available on all the library iPads. Use it with our green screen and tripod to set up your own video studio.

Uploading Your Video

When you finish your video, you will need to find a way to share it with your teacher. If you have edited your video on a computer, then the most efficient way to share the video would be to upload it to your NPS Google Drive account, and share it with your teacher from there. 

If your final video is on an iOS mobile device like an iPhone or an iPad, it might take too long to upload it to Google Drive. Instead, you can upload it to YouTube, which you have an account with through NPS Google Drive. Don't worry, you can mark your video Private and then share it with your teacher so no one else can view it!

To upload to YouTube from an iOS mobile device:

  • Go to the camera roll and select the video
  • Tap the share button at the top of the screen 
  • Select YouTube 
  • Sign into YouTube with your School login (
  • Click Allow
  • Give your video a title
  • Scroll down and change your video from Public to Private (only specific YouTube users can view)
  • Click Publish

Sharing a Private YouTube Video With Your Teacher

Once you've uploaded your video to YouTube and marked it as Private, no one will be able to view it (even if you send them the link). To allow your teacher to view it, you must share it with your teacher through YouTube. You can't do this on an iOS mobile device like and iPhone or iPad -- you have to do it on a computer.

You can read the following steps to share a private YouTube Video with your teacher, or watch the video demonstration below:

  • Log into NPS Google Drive
  • Click on the grid at the top next to your ID to find the YouTube App (just like you look for EasyBib)
  • Select YouTube
  • Click Sign in
  • Select My Channel on the left
  • Select Video Manager from the top
  • Find your video, select the drop down box beside Edit
  • Select Information and Settings from drop down
  • Under the video, under Private, select share
  • Type in your teacher's name; select your teacher
  • Click Share at the bottom of the video

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