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Family Chemistry project

Presentation tools

QR Codes let you create a scannable image that can be read by a mobile phone (you can scan them using a SnapChat camera). You can store small bits of information if the image, like an email address, a short bit of text, or a web address.

These tools will let you create your own QR codes:

QR-Code Monkey

QR Stuff

TinkerCad QR Code

TinkerCad is a tool used to design 3D models. They can be displayed online, or downloaded for use with 3D printers. It's free to sign up.


A way to create web sites. This tool is connected to your Newton Public Schools Google Drive account. You can add text, videos, images, links, maps, and more.

To access, log into your Google Drive and choose Sites from the apps menu. Click here for a guide to using Google Sites.


Check out this example site we made about Ascorbic Acid.




Canva is a design tool that helps you create for images Web or print, including blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, and more.

  • It's free online (while certain images and graphics require payment, there are hundreds of free options)
  • You can work collaboratively, sharing and editing your designs with a classmate or teacher.
  • There are dozens of pre-set templates, icons, and images to start you off, or you can create from scratch, and upload your own images to customize.
  • When you're finished you can publish the images online or download them to print or use in other projects.
  • If you want to print as a poster, we recommend you download as a .pdf, then open using Adobe Reader. When you go to print from Adobe Reader , select "Poster" under Page sizing & handling. 100% size will print on 6 pieces of regular sized paper (8.5"x11"). 80% size will print on 4 pieces. You will need to trim the white margins and then tape them together on a poster board. The library has a paper cutter if you need it, but no color printer!

Check out the video below to see more about Canva

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