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ChemMatters Project

ChemMatters articles

To search ChemMatters on Schoology:
   Chemistry Resources - NSHS

or go to:
   Schoology >courses >Dr. Silverman Chemistry >projects >chemmatters

1. Open ChemMatters 1983-2013 folder.

2. Open  Search ChemMatters Index

3. Use the search box at the top to search for a topic. e.g. aspirin

4. Click through the highlighted results
    - note the issue information for the article you want e.g. Feb 04/7

5. Return to the ChemMatters 1983-2013 folder

6. Select the year folder, then the month folder

7. Scroll to the page with the article you want

8. Articles may be printed out, downloaded or read online


For a resource list of books available in the library on Chemistry, click here or search the library catalog.


Create a Quiz

In addition to your presentation, you need to write five (5) review questions for the class that will be given in the form of a quiz. On the day of your presentation, each student in your audience will recieve a copy of your quiz to check for understanding following your presentation. Be sure to talk about the material that relates to the review questions you write for the class! You must also share answers to your questions with your teacher. In short you need to

  1. prepare a quiz with five review questions in the form of a quiz to check for audience understanding. You can use NPS GoogleDrive to create a Form to use as a quiz.
  2. submit answers to the questions you write. (This may be a slide in your presentation.)

Use your NPS GoogleDrive account to create a form for your class quiz.
Take a look at the example on this webpage. Your Form can be 'live' or printed out.

From your NPS GoogleDrive account:

  1. Click on New > Google Forms
  2. Select a theme
  3. Give your form a title e.g. Glucose / ChemMatters Quiz  B Block 
  4. Add a question -- include help text / a hint if you want
  5. Choose the question type: multiple choice, text, check boxes, scale, choose from a list, etc.
  6. Click Done

To add additional questions, click on the Add Item icon.

If you are going to print out the quiz, do not use the choose from list response option.

Share the quiz with everyone in your group:
   >File > Add collaborators

Newton South High School Library

140 Brandeis Road
Newton, MA 02459
call: (617) 559-6561