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Wildman Zinger 9th Grade Choice Project #2

Accessing articles and videos

You may need a login and password to access the articles and videos posted here. Click on the passwords button at the top of the page for a list of database passwords.


Looking for more information? Use the databases below to search for resources on your topic.

Notecards in NoodleTools

Parts of a NoodleTools Notecard

NoodleTools notecards afford you space to think as you gather facts, opinions, and evidence. Besides giving your notecard a short, descriptive title and identifying the source it comes from, you will work with three primary fields:

  • Direct quotation (“A”): Store source material for future reference. Highlight and annotate to ensure close reading.
  • Paraphrase or summary (“B”): Explain the source material in your own words. Check your understanding.
  • My ideas (“C”): Reflect and engage. Articulate ideas, assumptions and questions. What do I wonder? How does it fit with what I know? How should I follow up?

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