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Internment - When the Emporer was Divine

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From Classroom Video on Demand. Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews actor George Takei about his experience being interned. 


From Classroom Video on Demand. A segment from the National Geographic video The Final Days of Anne Frank. An overview of the Nazi concentration camps.


Warning! This video contains graphic images and accounts of the Holocaust.  


From Classroom Video on Demand. A segment from the HBO Documentary Torn Apart: Separated at the Border. Maria describes the violence in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and treatment at the center; Alex is sent to the Cayuga migrant children's shelter in New York. The Trump Administration has four days to reunite families.



From Classroom Video on Demand. A segment from the film The Unfortunate Generation: The Cultural Revolution and Beyond discusses the how the Chinese elite are sent to forced labor camps in the countryside, known as "Schools of May 7th." Segment starts at 8:24.

From Classroom Video on Demand. Uighur Culture and Tradition: Today's Uighurs are distant descendants of the 8th-century rulers of central Asia. At that time Kashgar was an important city on the Silk Road. A segment from Hidden People of China, a National Geographic video.

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