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Okun: Indian Ocean Trade

Key Words for Searching

You may not be successful searching in book indexes and databases using only the name of your site of encounter. Don't give up! Try a more broad search that may not mention your site specifically, but the context of the article will allow you to make inferences about your specific site of encounter. Suggestions include:

  • "Indian Ocean Trade"
  • or just "Trade" - then look at related subtopics
  • Objects of trade like: "gold trade," silver, spice, slave, ivory, coffee, textile, porcelain, etc.
  • Find out the modern-day name for the region or country of medieval site of encounter (e.g., East Africa, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Tanzania, etc.) and search for sources about the history of that country (trade history in particular)
  • Find sources focused on the medieval era/middle ages and search for terms above in those


For a list of books on this topic, click here or search the library catalog.



MapMaker Interactive from National Geographic allows you to annotate maps with your own lines, markers, text, shapes, links, etc.

  • You can download and print these maps to use on your poster. 
  • You can share the link to your map so that others can work on it (probably not at the same time though).
  • You can select different "Base Maps" such as topographical or ocean maps, which remove current country borders and names.

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