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Family Chemistry 2020

Where can I find information?

In the databases, use the search features to look for articles. The databases may have articles specifically covering your chemical compound, or your compound may be mentioned in articles about other topics. Keep scrolling to find more articles! Check multiple databases and sources for information.

The websites listed can also help you find information about your compound, including chemical structures, medical uses and more. They may give you links to other sites for more information.

Need help? Use the form to ask a Librarian! The librarians can guide you to the best online resources, help with citations, or schedule a 1:1 Zoom research appointment.


Once you've pinpointed a few items or substances in your story, use these sites to help you figure out what chemical compounds are in them. Try searching for your substance in a database, or checking out some of the links below.

Need help? Ask a Librarian!

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